Lip Micro Pigmentation / Lip Colouring at Radiance Elite

Lips tends to loose its colour or get dulled due to age, stress, medical issues, smoking etc. Lip Micropigmentation can help you restore your youthful looks as well as your self confidence and self-esteem. This procedure involves deposition of natural skin-friendly compound on and below the upper skin layer, giving you the unflattering lips.

Micropigmentation is a non-surgical and non-invasive treatment. It is very similar to the technique of tattooing, but with high-end technical instruments and high quality natural ink. It is a completely painless and safe procedure. Once done, the treatment lasts for a good three to four years period. It can be extended for a further period by regular touch-ups thereafter.

This technique also enhances the lip contour, shape and texture to give you a celebrity look.