Slimming therapy at Radiance Elite

There are two basic types of fat in the body. Somatic or Subcutaneous far and Visceral or Internal Fat. Somatic fat builds just below the padding of the skin and visceral fat develops deep in the abdomen, especially in and around the internal organs. Visceral or internal fat is the actual villain. It is the most dangerous fat which is responsible for all lifestyle diseases like high B.P(hypertension), Cardiovascular diseases, Stroke, type 2 diabetes, High-level bad cholesterol, fatty liver and it is also associated with breast cancer in women and gallbladder surgery.

Reducing visceral fat is not as easy as reducing the subcutaneous fat or fat under the skin. Almost all weight reduction programs are concentrating on reducing subcutaneous fat only. Such Programmes cannot reduce excess visceral fat from the body. So when you go for weight reduction, select a weight reduction treatment which enables the reduction of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat simultaneously. Then only you can stay away from life style diseases and at the same time retaining a good body shape. Traditional Ayurveda can give you a perfect weight reduction treatment with best and fast result. And it is the most safest and time tested. It is not just reducing the fat from the body, but it is rejuvenating the body.